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* Eco-building
* Forest gardening / food forest
* Permaculture design
* Trips in Nature/foraging
* Tours of Eikellegimaa
* Hosting your event at Eikellegimaa


* Designing outdoor spaces and gardens
* Consultations
* Garden design
* Inventory of woody plants
* Collaboration projects
* Event organising

Past collaborators:
*  Landscape architecture Franchi + Associati landscape architects
*  Permaculture design, seed sharing and  local vegetarian food Piiri Köök
*  Foraging wild foods Loodusest Lauale
*  Transition Town Network Elav Tartu
*  Reuse and Repair - Paranduskelder
*  Forest protection Eesti Metsa Abiks
*  Climate challenges Estonian Nature Fund
*  'lively space' design MTÜ Elukas